Making an Impact Boom,Boom,Boom! For the Kingdom of God!


Thirty-eight years ago, the Lord granted the birth of Youth Unlimited Community Christian Club, Inc. At their beginning, the Founder and National Director, Mother Adams and her beloved husband, affectionately known as Papa Doug, opened their home for rehearsals for the teen choir, children’s choir, Bible Study, Prayer Warriors and Counselors’ meetings. Surely, anyone who has ever crossed paths with her experienced the genuineness of her love to all people and her special commitment and love for young people. The Lord’s favor was upon them all and they took the city by storm.From this ministry, LOVING SAINTS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP was organized on Sunday, January 3, 1988 in Denver, Colorado by Rev. Mother Sidney Adams with 22 charter members. With a small choir, one usher, one assistant pastor, a church clerk, treasurer, trustee and a choir director, the members began their first worship service at 2839 Fairfax Street.  Shortly after the establishing of LSCF, the church grew to 106 members and had to move. LSCF re-located to 3401Holly Street, the site of the old Holly Shopping Center in northeast Denver. A few years later we secured 3375 Holly Street and moved to the middle section to the shopping center.  At the same time, LSCF began transforming 3401 Holly into Little Saints Day Care and Learning Center which officially opened in August 2002 under the guidance of Mother Leah Gilmer. This was part of the vision of Rev. Mother Sidney Adams. We experienced many years of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, impacting the Kingdom of God and building expansion throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s.

Mother Adams retired from the role of pastor of Loving Saints on May 2, 1999 but remained faithful in service, a vivid testimony of Jesus Christ and a "Tried and True" vessel of honor of the Lord. Loving Saints Christian Fellowship is eternally grateful to our Founder, Rev. Mother Sidney Adams and Mr. Adams her beloved husband for their love, faithfulness, dedication, unbelievable sacrifice and never-ending labor which they planted in the foundation and building of this ministry.


Reaching out in the name of Christ

Rev. Mother Sidney Adams PhD